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Booking Information:

– We pride ourselves in taking a hands-on, personal interest in your celebration, wether it be a wedding, charity, corporate, birthday or anniversary event; from the booking, to the event itself, right through to our follow-up customer-client service.

– Our main packages come with a full disco included. Alain, our resident DJ (as well as keyboard player) keeps the floor filled between band sets with dance hits, anthems and every conceivable song from his vast catalogue of playlists. All of this keeps the mood on the upswing as things move towards the climax of the evening.

– Highly Strung can offer a ‘Swing’ Jazz set featuring songs from rat-pack favourites such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, together with more modern interpretations by the likes of Michael Buble. This provides a gentle ‘ease-in’ to the party, with music that appeals across the generations, and often sees couples take to the floor to brush off their dance skills from yester-year. Here is a sound clip of us playing the SWING

– Our ‘High Energy’ sets are renowned across the county. Here are just a few TESTIMONIALS from the last twelve months. We cover everything from Bruno Mars to Chuck Berry, from Journey to Free. Rock, pop, hip-hop, funk. You name it, we can play it.

– An optional performance by Andy, our lead singer, can be booked for your wedding ceremony or afternoon reception. Andy is one of Cumbria’s leading male vocalists and performs a range of tasteful acoustic ballads to set the perfect backdrop for a wedding service or afternoon meal. Here’s a VIDEO of Andy in action.

– If you have a special request for a song e.g. first dance, we can learn new material and incorporate this into the evening’s proceedings. There is no extra charge for the first new song we learn especially for your event. Additional songs can be separately negotiated.

-Typical itinerary of the most popular “Platinum Package”
We set up to start at 7.30pm play half an hour background music on a disco then do a half hour Swing set at 8pm.
You can have your 1st dance whatever time you prefer; either just before or just after the swing set, we can perform it if it’s one we know. After this it is usually a good time for a buffet break, say 9pm. While this is on we will have a dj playing and taking requests just in case there are some early dancers among you!
1st band energetic set at around 10pm till 10.45pm and when I say energetic I am not exaggerating! The disco will carry on after that keeping the dancefloor going until our 2nd lively set, 11.45pm-12.30am finishing the night off with a bang! We get everyone in a circle around you and have a big ending song.

-Highly Strung has been entertaining wedding guests for over 12 years now and have a fabulous reputation earning many testimonials from couples over the moon with their whole night!

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