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Things To Consider:

We have a serious amount of equipment, to put up the full lighting rig we will need 7m wide by 2.5m high at the front and 3m forward.

Don’t worry though as we can adapt and change the set up for smaller venues and awkward spaces.

The power supply: we will need at least 2 separate 13amp double sockets close by, with a minimum rating of 16amps.This is something we can find out from the venue ourselves if necessary.

As there is alot of stuff to carry in and set up there will be a timescale of at least an hour depending on how far the set up area is from where we can unload the van, so please allow 60mins minimum from us arriving and able to get into the set up space. After we have set up, we will need a room or just somewhere to get changed in for the show, if this is at all possible we would be most grateful!

Finally, please could you arrange for the 8 of us to be added onto the night buffet if you don’t mind us joining in? Our meet up time before packing the van and travelling is usually well before evening meal time, so by buffet time we are generally starving! 🙂

The Energetic sets include 2 x 45min full energy sets with a spectacular visual lighting set up as standard.


Choose your Wedding Package:

Silver – 2 Energetic Sets



Gold  – 2 Energetic Sets – Full Disco



Platinum – Evening Swing Set – 2 Energetic Sets – Full Disco



Diamond  – Afternoon Reception Solo Acoustic Set – Evening Swing Set – 2 Energetic Sets – Full Disco



Titanium  – Ceremony Solo Acoustic – Afternoon Reception Solo Acoustic Set – Evening Swing Set – 2 Energetic Sets – Full Disco


– Corporate Events, Celebration Parties and Charity events can choose from Silver,Gold & Platinum packages

– Special discounts available for charity events

– Travel from Carlisle, Cumbria, with 50miles is free of charge, please enquire for travel costs at time of contact

If you would like to book or get any more information about any of these fantastic packages, please use our CONTACT page to forward your names, email address, contact number and date.  We can discuss any finer details nearer the time and we will be happy to arrange a personal meeting if necessary.